Our Club

For CorFCOlogovettes Only Inc, is a relativity small corvette club serving Southeastern Connecticut since 1976, and is an active club formed to join together people interested in pursuing the enjoyment of  Chevrolet Corvettes. Our club encourages responsible ownership and maintenance of Corvettes. and organizes activities, gatherings, functions for both enjoyment and education of our members.
In 2017 For Corvettes Only either sponsored or co-sponsored 3 shows.1. With Scranton Chevrolet which benefited the Gemma Moran Food Bank 2. With the Ct. Military Corvette Club to benefit the Rocky Hill Veterans , and lastly our final show at Old Mystic Village which generated funds to held support  six charities. Our change of venue from Old Mystic Village to Crystal Mall, OMV informed us last year that they would be in the process of erecting a multi story hotel in 2018 in the lots where we have held our shows. For Corvettes Only Inc. carries  liability insurance for the protection of our members and the venue we operate at. Along with the shows I have outlined we also attend many other clubs shows thought out the year which benefit many other charities.
Most of the costs for the our show such as the shirts given away, goodie bags, trophies and raffle table items are provided by various sponsors who recieve ad space on show related materials.